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Detailed laboratory description

Laboratory of Medical Genetics

The Medical Genetics Unit, located at 1st floor 3rd block of Policlinico S. Maria alle Scotte, viale Bracci 2, Siena, has approximately 530 sq. m. available, including laboratory spaces (approximately 422 sq. m.)., two ambulatories for genetic counselling (approximately 57 sq. m.) and two offices (approximately 51sq. m.). The laboratory spaces include a total of 20 workstations and the offices include a total of 15 computer stations. The Medical Genetics laboratory is equipped with the major items required for molecular biology activities. In particular there are: a nucleic acids extractor (Qiagen EZ1 Advanced), three PCR machines (one Perkin Elmer GeneAmp PCR System 2400, one Biometra T3 Thermocycler with 3 independent blocks and one BIORAD MJ Mini), a real−time quantitative PCR machine (Applied Biosystem ABIPrism 7000 Sequence Detection System), two stations for DHPLC analysis (Transgenomics WAVE 1100 DNA fragment Analysis System), two machines for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing (Perkin Elmer ABI310 Genetic Analyzer), a machine for next generation sequencing (Roche/454), a microarray hybridisation station (Array Booster, Advalytix) with four independent chambers, an hybridisation oven (DNA Microarray Oven, Agilent), a microarray scanner (Microarray scanner, Agilent), a fluorescent microscope (ZEISS Axioskop 40FL). Moreover, there are two cell culture rooms equipped with a laminar hood, a CO2 incubator and a liquid nitrogen apparatus and a −135°C freezer for cell lines storage.

Laboratory of Biomedical Technologies and Experimental Oncology, Department of Human Pathology and Oncology.

The laboratory, located at ground floor educational block of Policlinico S. Maria alle Scotte, viale Bracci 2 Siena, has approximately 247 sq. m. available, including laboratory spaces (approximately 187 sq. m.) and three offices (approximately 28 sq. m.). The laboratory spaces consist of a total of 18 workstations, a cell-culture room and a bacterial-culture room. The offices include a total of 6 computer stations. The laboratory is equipped with 3 sterile hoods (BIOAIR INSTRUMENTS); 1 bacterial hood (HERON); 2 chemical hoods (HERON); 3 cell incubators (RS Biotech); 6 centrifuges (Sigma); 2 microscopes (ZEISS); 3 thermostatic baths (Fisher Brand); 3 PCR machines (MJ Research); 1 UV/Visible spectrophotometer (SHIMADZU); 1 Chemi-Doc molecular imaging system (BIORAD); 1 shaker incubator (Thermo ELECTRON CORPORATION); 1 fluorescence microscope (ZEISS); equipment for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis (BIORAD); 1 liquid nitrogen apparatus for cell lines storage and a −80°C freezer.

ITT Core Research Laboratory, Signal Transduction Unit

The laboratory is located inside Toscana Life Sciences (TLS) Foundation, in a Science Park positioned in Siena in the historical area of "Torre Fiorentina", where Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Srl has its Research & Development activities. The area also hosts the Molecular Biology Department of Siena University. All together, these structures in the campus offer state-of-the art technological platforms, scientific equipment and support services. Inside the TLS Foundation building the Unit has full access to: Equipped laboratory and office space (80 mq) 6 workstations and reserved cell culture room. Reserved Rotor-Gene 6000 real-time rotary analyzer with high Resolution Melting capability. Core Facility Instruments: Leica confocal microscope TCS SP5, equipped with laser Ar 100 mW (458, 476, 488, 496, 514 nm), HeNe 1 mW (543 nm), HeNe 2 mW (594 nm), HeNe 10 mW (633 nm) 50 mW led (405 nm); NMR Varian 500 MHz; Spectrometer TSQ Quantum Access; FACSCanto II BD; UV/VIS Spectrophotometer; Spectrometer 100 FT-INFRARED; Spectrofluorimeter LS55; MALDI TOF Ultraflex III TOF/TOF 200 system; P3 cell culture room.