The University of Siena PhD Course in
Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine

PhD Graduate

Paolo Angela Maria LAVIANO 

PhD Program years: 2007 - 2011

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1) Traffic can be responsible for different respiratory adverse effects in schoolchildren. A prospective study in Milan, Italy (European Aerosol Conference 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany, 6-11/9/2009)

2) Redox balance of Thiols in the exhaled breath condensate (BEC) in two populations with different exposure to traffic related pollutants (European Aerosol Conference 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany, 6-11/9/2009)

3) Intrinsic toxicity and inflammatory potency and/or health damage of Particulate Material (PM) in physiologic and pathologic conditions (European Aerosol Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany, 6-11/9/2009)

4) Human type B synoviocytes, as a cellular model for a better knowledge of the pro-inflammatory effects of environmental PM (European Aerosol Conference 2009, Karlsruhe, German, 6-11/9/2009)

5) Acute cardiovascular effects associated with air pollution: a new pathogenetic pathway in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) (European Aerosol Conference 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany, 6-11/9/2009)

6) Unpredictability of the Actual Reduction of Negative Health Effects of Air Pollution Because of Contrast Measure Reducing PM Concentration in µg/m3. (American Association of Aerosol Research, San Diego, 22-26/3/2010)

7) The impact of traffic pollution on antioxidant system of two populations exposed to different levels of pollutants: estimation of redox status of thiols(Convegno: International Aerosol Conference, Helsinki, Finland 29/08/2010-3/09/2010)

8) The actual reduction of negative health effects because of contrast measures reducing PM concentration (µg/m3) is unpredictable. (“International Aerosol Conference, 2010, Sede: Helsink, Finland; 29/08/2010-3/09/2010)

9) Respiratory Adverse Effects In Schoolchildren, because Of Traffic Related Pollution. A Prospective Study In Milan, Italy (Urban Environmental Pollution, BOSTON, USA, 20/-23/06/2010)

10) Reduction Of PM Concentration Below Certain Levels Is Going To Determine Lower Than Expected Beneficial Health Outcomes On Resident Population (Urban Environmental Pollution 2010, Boston, USA, 20-23/6/2010)

11) Oxidative Stress and Thiol Imbalance In Blood and Breath In 2 Populations With Different Exposure To Air Pollution (Urban Environmental Pollution, BOSTON, USA: 20-23/6/2010)

12) L'imprevedibilità dell'effettiva riduzione degli effetti dannosi dell'inquinamento atmosferico sulla salute sulla base delle misure di contrasto per ridurre la concentrazione di pm(ng/m3) (4° Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico,Venezia,Italia, 18-20/5/2010)

13) Epidemiological studies on health effects from air pollution give inconclusive results because lack of adequate metrics of exposure, effect and susceptibility Measurement of damages to exposed populations during concomitant evaluation of PM concentration and health effects usually doesn't consider damage to newborns (International Aerosol Conference , Helsinki, Finlandia, 29/08/2010-03/09/2010) correlati al traffico (4° Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico , Venezia, Italia, 18-20/5/2010)

14) Bilancio redox dei tioli nel Condensato dell'esalato bronchiale (EBC) e in campioni ematici di 2 popolazioni con differente esposizione agli inquinati.

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