Elisabetta Rovida

Dr. Elisabetta Rovida received Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science in Biological Sciences from Florence University, Italy, with honors in 1995. In 2001 she completed a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology at Florence University, Italy, under the supervision of Prof Massimo Olivotto, working in part at Vienna University, Austria, in the laboratory of Prof. Manuela Baccarini. She underwent 10 years of postdoctoral training, 5 of which supported by fellowships funded by Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC/FIRC), in basic cancer research under the supervision of Dr. Persio Dello Sbarba, Florence University. In 2011 she was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences, Florence University, Italy. She is Principal Investigator and co-investigator in several funded projects from National or International agencies. She is a reviewer of several international journals as well as international funding agencies. She is a member of several scientific associations. Scientific interests are the role of protein phosphorylation in different biological processes such as survival, proliferation, apoptosis, adhesion and motility, in normal or neoplastic cells. Main scientific achievements deal with the elucidation of mechanisms of signaling by the Colony-Stimulating Factor 1 Receptor as well as the role of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases, ERK5 in particular, in normal and neoplastic cells. She has published more than 50 peer reviewed articles and dozens of meeting abstracts on the molecular basis of diseases, cancer in particular. She supervised the thesis work of several students of Biological Sciences, Medical Biotechnologies, as well as of Ph.D. programs. E.R. is also in charge of teaching General Pathology at the School of Medicine of Florence University.