Giada Frenzilli

Giada Frenzilli was born in 1968 and graduated in Biological Sciences in 1992 at University of Pisa.Since 2014 she is an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Pisa, disciplinary scientifi c sector BIO/13 Applied biology, at which carries out research and teaching activities on an  ongoing basis. Her main areas of research and scientifi c interest are: Mechanisms of induction of DNA damage and repair, study of the cellular effects of genotoxic agents of human interest, nanotechnology and cytotoxicity, implications for human health, modulation of cell proliferation by natural agents. She had research experiences abroad like: Visiting Scientist at ILS, Research triangle Park, NC (USA)(Dr.Raymond Ray Tice) in the context of a scientifi c collaboration. Visiting Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore(USA)(Prof.Silvano Presciuttini) in the context of a science collaboration; Visiting Scientist at the Department of Toxicology, North Carolina State University(Prof. Gary Winston), in the context of a scientifi c collaboration, Visiting Scientist at ILS, Research Triangle Park NC(USA)(Dr.Raymond Ray Tice).