Iacopo Petrini

Iacopo Petrini graduated in medicine at Pisa University in 2004 and at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in 2006 with theses evaluating the anticancer activities of gamma-delta T lymphocytes. Thereafter, he obtained the Specialization in Oncology in 2008. Dr. Petrini started his research activity on thymic epithelial tumors during the Ph.D. program in Molecular Oncology. He has been a research fellow at the National Cancer Institutes in Bethesda, MD until 2013. Back to Italy, he has initially performed clinical activities in Oncology being a contractor since 2015 and thereafter became a junior researcher in General Pathology at the University of Pisa. Dr. Petrini has studied the biology of thymic epithelial tumors evaluating the differences in copy number aberrations between different kinds of histologies and the somatic mutations using next generation sequencing approaches. Dr. Petrini and colleagues discovered a not previously described somatic mutation of GTF2I that has been shown to be highly prevalent in A and AB types of thymomas. Dr. Petrini is currently a senior researcher in General Pathology at the University of Pisa. He is working as a clinician with focus on thoracic tumors. Whereas, in the laboratory, he is evaluating genomic mutations of thymic epithelial tumors using multiple sequencing approaches and he is investigating the biological role of the identified GTF2I mutation.