Fees - Lodging - Financial Support

University fees

A 304,00 Euro enrolment fee plus 16,00 Euro virtual stamp duty must be paid on enrolment using the specific form downloaded during the online procedure or using a credit card. Regional tax There is a yearly Regional Tax for the Right to University Studies, as set out in Regional Law 3 January 2005 n. 4. The 140,00 Euro Regional Tax must be paid using the form downloaded during the online enrolment procedure or using a credit card.

Students with certified disability equivalent to 66% or higher, are exempt from the payment of any taxes or fees.


The students can take advantage of lodging offered by the University of Siena in the Post-Graduate College "S. Chiara", sited in the historical centre of Siena; formerly a convent, "S. Chiara" has now been restructured to accommodate about 50 post-graduate students in single or double rooms.

Financial Support

Research grants are awarded on the basis of the ranking list formed following the admission exam. If the grant is financed by external public or private institutions , the amount will be paid only when the corresponding funding will be received. The gross annual amount of the research grant is 13,638.47 Euro.

As long as the student is authorized by the Academic Board to carry out research abroad, the amount of the grant is increased by up to 50% for a maximum of 18 months during the period abroad.

The grant will be paid for the whole duration of the course.

Payments are normally made in monthly instalments in arrears. The doctoral grant cannot be accumulated with other study/research grants awarded for any purpose, except those awarded by national or foreign institutions for the purpose of integrating the training and research activities of grant recipients with stays abroad.

Those who have used a research grant to attend a Doctoral Programme, or part of a Programme, cannot be awarded a second grant.