Lido Calorini

Lido Calorini, graduated in Medicine at the University of Florence in 1979, obtained a specialty in Clinical and Experimental Haematology in 1982 and a Ph.D. in 1989 at the University of Florence. Dott. Calorini starting from his Ph.D. Thesis, has undertaken an extensive investigation of the mechanisms of metastatic diffusion of tumor cells focusing the communication between humoral and cellular components of tumor microenvironment and tumor cells. In particular, Dott. Calorini investigated the role played by tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) and cancer-associated fi broblasts (CAFs) and their products (infl ammatory cytokines, growth factors, proteases and bioactive lipids) in tumor cell dissemination. More recently, Dott. Calorini tested whether acidity of tumor microenvironment generated by the particular metabolic attitude of tumor cells exerts some promoting effects in tumor metastasis. Moreover, with the aim to disclose new complementary therapy Dott. Calorini tested some antagonists of RGD integrins, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and bioactive products from extra virgin olive oil and leaves. He is currently Full Professor of General Pathology at the University of Florence.